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The Ministry of Sports, Culture and the Arts was established through the Executive Order No. 2 “Organization of the Government of the Republic of Kenya dated May 2013”.It comprises of departments of Sports, Office of the Sports Registrar, Culture, Permanent Presidential Music Commission, Kenya National Archives and Documentation Services, Library Services, Records Management, The Arts and  Film Services. 

There are also Semi-Autonomous Government Agencies (SAGAs) namely Sports Kenya, Kenya Academy of Sports, National Sports Fund, National Museums of Kenya, Kenya Cultural Centre, Kenya Film Commission, Kenya Film Classification Board and the Kenya National Library Service. Others include National Heroes Council, Anti-Doping Agency Kenya and Natural Products Industry Agency.  



 To be a global leader in the provision of sports, arts and cultural services and promotion of the Kenyan film industry for sustainable growth and employment creation. 


To develop, promote, preserve and disseminate Kenya’s cultural and arts heritage; promotion of sports; development of the Kenyan film industry through formation and implementation of policies, programmes and projects for improved livelihood of the Kenyan people.


i.To undertake policy, legal and institutional reforms to facilitate implementation of the Ministry’s Mandate and functions

ii.To harness, develop, preserve and promote Kenya’s cultural heritage, arts and the sports

iii.To improve and modernize records management practices and enhance access to public library services and information

iv.To mobilize and promote rational utilization of resources for effective implementation of Ministerial programmes and activities

v.To build adequate capacity to enhance provision of quality and efficient services and enhance the image of the Ministry

We are committed to upholding the following Core Values as the guiding principles for the operations of the Ministry in the medium and long-terms:

Appreciation of diversity: We recognize and value the diversity of our cultural and national heritage

Customer focus:  We are committed to upholding the highest standards in our service delivery to all customers.

Integrity: We are committed to acting in an honest, impartial, fair and transparent manner.

Teamwork: Employees’ involvement and contribution at all levels shall be the hallmark of the Ministry.

Creativity and Innovation:  We are a Ministry that encourages and facilitates creativity, innovative performance, and embraces change.

Professionalism:  We shall be patriotic to the cause of the Ministry and be guided by professional ethics in all our undertakings.

Participatory Approach: We undertake to seek the views of and involve stakeholders in all our programmes and activities

Executive Order No. 2 dated May 2013 on the organization of the Government spells out the Mandate of the Ministry of Sports, Culture and the Arts as:

i. to develop and coordinate sports; promote and develop sports facilities; and  spearhead the expansion of the sports industry

ii. to promote the national culture policy; heritage policy and management; 

iii. to promote the national archives and public records management

iv. to develop the film industry, film policy and promote local content

v. to promote Library Service,  and 

vi. To promote research and conservation of Music.

Arising from its mandate, the Ministry’s core functions are:

a) Formulation of policies on sports, culture and the arts industry, 

b) Promotion, preservation and maintenance of positive and diverse culture for national identity, pride, integration and cohesion.

c) Preservation, care and promotion of access to all public records and Archives

d) Coordination, facilitation and harmonization of activities of the sports, culture and arts sector.

e) Research, preservation, conservation and management of Kenya’s heritage and culture

f) Development, promotion, and preservation of sports, arts, and Kenya’s Cultural heritage 

g) Production and dissemination of Information

h) Protection and Promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions in Kenya

i) Identification and safeguarding of Kenya’s cultural heritage for the promotion of the creative economy

j) License film production and regulate consumption of films in Kenya.






Arms of the Government

   The Executive
   The Judiciary
   The Parliamnet

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Ministry of Sports, Culture and Heritage, Kencom House,
P. O. Box 49849-00100 Kenya

Telephone: Tel. +254 020 2251164